Lilly López

An avid music aficionado and audiophile since childhood, Lilia, better known as «Lilly» López has worn many hats during her decade in Radio. Currently, Lilia fulfills the role of correspondent for IRS by conducting research as well as covering live events and writing articles.
In 2013, she began her music journalism career by contributing articles for various online platforms. It was this hobby that led her to get an internship with Univision and Telemundo San Diego after her first semester of college. In 2014, during her time at Palomar College she discovered her passion for radio and live broadcasting. It was here where «Take a Break with Lilly Lopez» was born. This weekly AM Radio broadcast featured reggae music from all corners of the world, with an emphasis on local and independent artists
In 2015 the show was nominated as «Best Specialty Music Program» in the nation by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System. Also in 2015,Lilia joined the IRS family. «Take a Break with Lilly Lopez» aired on IRS weekly from 2015-2017. During this time Lilia also conducted various on camera interviews on both sides of the border for IRS with world famous artists. After turning 21, Lilia began working as a booking agent/concert promoter, event MC, and eventually as a live performer with her reggae band, Tlalli Roots. This demanding lifestyle led to a 5-year hiatus from radio for Lilia. During this time she focused on personal development and returned to college to obtain her degree in Radio and TV Broadcasting.


My Favourite Quote

– Find your purpose and pursue it with passion


 Now, 2023 Lilia is back with International Reggae Station as full-time correspondent with over a decade of experience under her belt.

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